Why Nobody Sees Your Facebook Posts

Facebook is quietly destroying publishing across the globe. Publishers’ relationship with Facebook has hit an all-time low and it’s time somebody did something about it.

First and foremost, everybody needs to understand that Facebook isn’t trying to be the biggest website on the internet, they are trying to be the internet. Mark Zuckerberg is seeking to create an oligopoly. Imagine Facebook as your new Walmart greeter. Facebook intends to control everything you read and buy inside. And they’re in the process of pulling off the greatest publishing heist the internet has ever seen. How is this encroachment even possible? It all started with the introduction of the NewsFeed:

For the sake of this argument Facebook will be personified as the Grinch and Branding Mafia will be Tommy Boy.
In 2007 publishers were allowed create a page, get likes, and post content to Facebook in the form of links back to their site. The NewsFeed distributes those posts to the people who have liked the publisher’s page, and the publisher, in turn, gets traffic back to their site. Up until 2010, Facebook allowed publishers almost 90% reach for those who liked a publishers’ platform. But Facebook was only using this stratagem to get publishers hooked on their traffic. The tactic is being referred to as the Boiling Frog Gambit.

If you throw a frog into boiling water it will immediately jump out and survive. However, if you start with a pot of cool water and throw the frog in, he will stay there. Slowly turn the temperature up and the frog won’t notice until it’s finally consumed by the heat.

Starting in 2010, Facebook dialed its ‘Organic Reach’ back from around 90% to 30% then 16%. That 16% number was ushered in right about the time FB went public (shocker). Publishers were uncomfortable but never jumped out of the pot. Facebook actually had an aggressive plan to turn organic reach back to 1%, where it stands today. That means if you like Branding Mafia on Facebook, the chances of you organically seeing any articles we publish are slim to none.

If this article on Recode is an indicator of things to come, ‘Organic Reach’ is soon to be a thing of the past, it’s likely going from 1% to 0%. Facebook has launched a test overseas to figure out how to take the last 1% back to disastrous results. A deeper concern for me – On an ideological level, what does it say about a company who doesn’t want you to have even 1%, they have to have it all? This is the definition of corporate greed.
The whole point of liking a page is to enjoy content from that page, right?

Of course, Facebook is happy to amplify a publisher’s reach – open up a small window in the walled-garden around your page – all you need to do is pay them. Publishers have no choice but to do Facebook’s bidding, paying out the nose to supplement the lost organic traffic. But for most publishers it’s already too late, their unhealthy dependence on Facebook in now an addiction. Fearing less exposure, publishers reluctantly hit the ‘boost post’ button.

So how will this affect you and what does it have to do with Rise To Power? Simple. If you’re using a Facebook Page to sell your products, eventually, everyone who has liked your Page won’t see your posts. Not a single one of them. Is there a way to get around this without having to pay?

Yes. But you’ll have to make a small investment or be forced to boost every single one of your posts.

When Rise To Power was written, we already had a good idea of what Facebook was going to do. We called it and now, that day is quickly approaching. You can get ahead of their strategy and save your money by following the simple tips we include in Rise To Power.

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