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We are happy to announce that Branding Mafia CEO, Justin Grant, has launched his book, Rise To Power. Rise To Power is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and ebook through Barnes & Noble. Paperback and hardcover will be available through Barnes & Noble shortly. Purchase on iTunes here.


Rise To Power

Justin Grant, Branding Mafia CEO, entrepreneur and funnyman has made his name with hilarious social media content and impeccably-creative branding and marketing strategies that hook audiences and won't let them go. With his book, Grant takes you where no other writer ever has before by debunking the myths that your products sell themselves, your MLM is your brand, and you can become a business owner just by signing up. He also exposes the fallacies and falsehoods of today's so-called "leaders" in network marketing and the reason why the success rate in network marketing isn't high but the promise of success is.

As you read Rise To Power, you will learn how to create your own social media content, grab the attention of your audience using Branding Mafia's unorthodox marketing techniques, establish your own brand that merges with your MLM's products or services, and become what you set out to be the day you joined your company - an entrepreneur.

Through hilarity, controversy, inspiration, and transparency, Justin Grant dives deep into sales, cold messaging, customer follow-up, leadership, live broadcasting, growing your following, in-depth guidance for all major social media platforms and much more.