How Did I Get Here?

You probably thought you would end up on a different website. The reason you are here is because you were marketed correctly. This is Tommy Gun Marketing.


What is Tommy Gun Marketing?

Tommy Gun Marketing is a strategy used by Branding Mafia to grab your attention using the element of surprise. This tactic is shown in a variety of the ways we market and taught to our clients if they choose to use this method. This style is not to be considered misleading. Rather, ambiguous.

Examples of Tommy Gun Marketing

Learn how Branding Mafia publicly launched and grabbed the attention of social media, locals and police. All because of a parade, some bullet casings and a sidewalk.


Domain Forwarding

Branding Mafia has been known to grab available domains from competing companies and forward them to our website. This method is done ethically, legally and tactfully.


New Product And Service Focus

We will customize a product or service launch strategy designed to appeal to your specific market and have them on the edge of their seat and ready to buy.

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