Branding Mafia's Launch

When you're a marketing and branding company your job is to create a strategy for your clients to boost them above and beyond their competition. They have to stand out and grab the attention of their audience. We use a lot of our own original, creative techniques to do this for our clients. And we aren't as risky with their launch as we were with ours. Unless they request it, of course... 

About a week before Branding Mafia launched, our CEO went out and purchased hundreds of spent bullet casings and used shotgun shells. He then had "Branding Mafia Marketing" along with our information printed on every one of them. Of course, no live ammunition was used.

In the wee morning hours right before a town was to host a parade he made his way to the street where he knew the businesses would have their tents set up and the business owners would be sitting.

It was there he emptied the bags of bullet casings up and down the sidewalks to simulate a "Mafia shootout" knowing they would be found by the business owners and those attending the parade.

Before the parade had even began the phone started ringing with potential clients asking for a consultation. Some called just to say they were impressed. The police called to interview him.

Long story short, the deputies were not happy but fortunately the Chief of Police had a sense of humor and because a crime hadn't actually been committed, he requested a heads up the next time CEO, Justin Grant decided to pull a marketing stunt in their town. We promised to clean up after ourselves and offered to also clean up after all the patrons who had attended the parade. They shook hands and even wished us well in our new business endeavor.

No harm, no foul. Just good marketing.