How Miss Mobster Showed An Intruder Who Was Boss And What You Can Learn From It

Today we are thankful for the safety of one of our very own, Miss Mobster. Yesterday at around noon, our company spokesperson received a knock at her door by an unknown man. The individual claimed he wanted to give her an estimate on lawn maintenance. After she respectfully declined his offer, the man forced entry into her home knocking her down. He then used the couch to barricade the door closed after he was inside.

He chose the wrong woman to mess with- a badass, 4’11” model with a recent water problem. Miss Mobster was able to grab a large metal tool thats primary use is for turning the water line off at the meter. Yesterday, she found another use for it. She struck her attacker knocking him into her kitchen table. He attempted to disarm her but was met with a blow to the head from the tool causing him to become disoriented, trip over an object in the room and fall. As he kept trying to make his way out the back door, she continued to show him who was BOSS.

He was eventually able to escape out the back door, get in his truck and flee before police arrived.

We would like to take this time to remind everyone of the dangers of opening the door for strangers.

Often, burglars will knock on the door to see if anyone is home. If they believe no one is home, they may attempt to break in hoping to remain undetected. Other times, the stranger could be a con artist trying to rip off the homeowner or worse, attack the victim.

-Talk to the stranger THROUGH THE DOOR! Ask them to identify themselves. Also, ask what it is they want. If they happen to be a burglar, this will probably deter them from entering your home.
-If you have a peephole, use it. If not, look outside from a window away from the door.
-Install a chain lock on your door.
-If you are a female at home alone, tell them your husband is inside fixing an appliance and can’t be bothered. Like Miss Mobster, females can often protect themselves. But by making the stranger believe there is a man present could very well eliminate any possibility of placing you in a situation to have to defend yourself.
-If the stranger claims to be a technician or repairman, he should have credentials proving so. If not, snap a picture of him using your phone and email it to the company to verify his identity.
-Snap a picture anyway. To support entrepreneurs, Branding Mafia often uses individually owned companies to repair our equipment and property. Chances are, there is no way to email a photo of the stranger for confirmation of their identity. Take a picture of them anyway just in case something happens. You will have a way to confirm their identity to police. This method could also deter an intruder.
-Keep a baseball bat or golf club behind the door.
-Teach your children never to open the door for anyone under any circumstance. Always get an adult.
-If the person claims their car broke down or they had an accident, tell them you will call someone to help them. If they are in need, they don’t care how they get help. They just need help. Don’t open the door.
-If the stranger asks for money and you don’t feel comfortable giving them any, DON’T! Go with your gut feeling.

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  1. rachel Fulco Reply

    I’m so sorry this happened to you and am praying for your emotional recovery. Thank God you are okay.

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