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Let's face it, you become frustrated when you post about your business, products, service or network marketing opportunity over and over just to get zero to minimal likes or comments from your social media following. What is even more frustrating is when you get deleted or can't seem to build a following on your social media accounts or build website traffic.

Are you tired of ALMOST closing a sale but the customer doesn't buy? Then, you try to "follow up," "reach out" or "check in" and get nothing in response?

Can you see the lack of morale on the faces or in the performance of your employees or downline? Have you noticed your employees or downline is a revolving door? Are they dropping off left and right?

Are you experiencing problems with creating your own valuable content to post online?

Justin Grant, founder and CEO of Branding Mafia, LLC, has been assisting clients (both business owners and network marketers) solve these problems along with many others for over a year using knowledge from his own failures and success as an entrepreneur.

We created the Facebook Mafia group to build a platform of like-minded individuals where we can all grow and learn from one another.

By joining the Facebook Mafia group you will have access to a group of people serious about entrepreneurial success. Justin Grant is committed to assisting and guiding you. Any question posted in the group will be answered by him and he will host weekly Facebook Live broadcasts within the group on topics you choose. These broadcasts will be exclusive to members only. We also encourage members to share knowledge of things that have worked for them as well.

The best part about this group is the exclusivity. All members have paid to be in the Facebook Mafia so each one of them are just as committed and serious as you are.

To cover the time Justin is dedicating to assisting each member of the group and to ensure all members are serious, the only requirements are your desire to learn, succeed, participate and $20 per month. That's it!

Not only can you learn a lot in the Facebook group but you can also earn recurring commission for each member you add! Sign up for the group then become an affiliate to learn while you earn and earn while you learn.


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