Branding vs. marketing

To begin the process of building a brand and marketing it you must first understand the difference between the two. A lot of times, people get branding, marketing, and advertising confused. More often than not, marketing and advertising tend to be thought of as synonymous. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Marketing may contribute to a brand, but branding is the foundation upon which a business is built.

First, lets begin with Branding. Branding is a Pull tactic. It pulls people into your store and onto your social media accounts or website. This is usually done by building and sharing valuable content with your friends and followers. They know they’re going to have a positive experience visiting your accounts.

The brand is what remains after the marketing campaign is over. Take a moment and think of some products, services or organizations whether or not you have ever bought anything from them. Does a particular store come to mind? The reason those stores stand out in your mind is because of their brand. Not because you bought something or not.

The brand is what determines whether or not you will become a loyal customer. Lets use Apple and Samsung as examples. If you own either of these phones (or any other for that matter) why did you purchase it? Maybe you saw the Apple commercials that used the marketing campaign, “There’s An App For That” and desired simplicity and organization. Maybe the hands-free, Siri feature sold you because of the safety dynamic.

The marketing may have gotten you to purchase that phone, and maybe it was your first smartphone ever, but the brand will determine whether or not you continue to purchase from them forever.

The brand is a combination of a bunch of different things. Was the phone reliable? Did the screen crack the first time you dropped it? Did it develop a glitch? How fast was the processor?

Marketing is the Push tactic. It sends people out the door with your product or service. Marketing promotes the value of your product while the brand reinforces it. Good marketing may get you a sale but if you have a substandard brand, the customer will purchase elsewhere next time.

At the end of the day, your brand determines whether a customer will put a strike under your organization or through it.