What We Do

Branding Mafia is a full-service, affordable marketing and branding company. We specialize in creating marketing and branding strategies for any business or network marketer. Using our original Brand Discovery process, your brand is guaranteed to be authentic. Thanks to our experienced staff of creative marketing agents, your customers won't have a chance to forget you.


Our clients enjoy premium services at an affordable cost. All of our services including target market analysis, logos, color templates, social media account naming and training, custom hashtags and more are included for one flat monthly rate. Whether you own a business or are a network marketer, we promote you as a skilled entrepreneur and create a brand that supports the claim.

The Process

After becoming a client, we identify the message you wish to convey to your customers using an in-depth strategy developed by Branding Mafia. Next, we research your target market, followed by damage control. We're recreating (or creating) your image. Loopholes are not an option so every detail matters. The next step depends on your brand. You are an individual. Every brand is created and marketed differently to ensure you stand out from your competition.

Branding vs. Marketing

Branding is a "Pull" tactic. Marketing is a "Push" tactic. Good branding will pull your customers into your store or onto your website. But without a good marketing strategy, they're sure to leave empty-handed. Branding will determine whether your customer will put a strike under your name, or through it. The success of your business relies on both great marketing and excellent branding.

Want to earn Extra money?

If you are in network marketing, are prepared to learn while you earn and make some extra cash on top of it, become an affiliate for Branding Mafia. Join our exclusive facebook group and for each member you recruit and add to the group, you earn a commission. For each month the member remains in the group, you earn recurring commission. 

Why The Name?

We chose our name because of a few reasons. It grabs attention. "Branding Mafia" is a representation of how we operate. The word, "Mafia" is an untapped name in the marketing world. It sets us apart. Just as your name will set you apart. We also removed the negative connotation of the word and used it to create the mystery that resides within the Branding Mafia Family. The majority of our marketing techniques were created by Branding Mafia. The secrets of "The Mafia" are shared with our clients only, giving them an advantage over their competitors.

Join The Mafia

Become a full-service client by "Joining The Mafia" and receive every service Branding Mafia offers for one flat monthly rate. Prices are a fraction of our competitor's and we can work with any budget.